Cebu City

Cebu City tour – after my Cebu,South adventure- It’s time to have a quick City Tour and to buy pasalubong for my friends and family. .  I had  2 days in the City to rest after the  extreme  adventure from the south.

I love Cebu
Meet Rejie – My Cebu Adventure Travel buddy

We  arrived around 10pm in Cebu City from Badian –

Rejie went to his friend- and me… in the middle of the city..alone.No place to go – the search is on,and its getting late . After checking all of the Tourist inn along E.Capitol Rd Cor. N Escario St,Cebu City,where I wanted to stay -all of them are fully booked -and  i ended up nothing -and ask my self – why I did not reserve one of this room? tsk!… Good thing, I always have ” plan B ” – The Sugbutel,located at Sergio Osmeña Boulevard,Cebu City.

Let me give Sugbutel a 4 star overall  ratings-  the staffs are friendly , the place is secured,and clean. A very affordable place to stay for a backpacker like me. I spent 900php for two days of stay. The hotel is located near Sm Cebu, and very accessible.

For booking and reservation pls. Click here

How to get there :

From Cebu Airport you can ride a taxi, rate will be 200-250php.

or the Barat way: ride a yellow cab bound to Gaisano Mall

Fare: 7php

Travel time: 8-10 minutes

The Yellow Cab

Gaisano Mall Van Terminal

From Gaisano Mall, ride a Van to Sm Cebu

Fare: 25php

Travel time : 10-15 minutes

From Sm Cebu, Sugbutel is just 8-10 minutes walk away.





Magellan’s Cross



How to get there:

From SM Cebu ,Ride a jeepney bound Lahug or Tabuan Market, or take the jeepney with the signage 12G.

Fare : 7php

Most of the tourist attraction in the city has no admission fee.The Sto.Nino Church is just at the back of Magellan Cross.






The Plaza Independencia is just a walk away from Magellan Cross.

Plaza Independencia is located between Fort San Pedro and the building that used to be the Gobierno Provincial in the downtown area of Cebu. The plaza is a popular hangout for many living or working around the area. It is one huge garden filled with trees, ornamental plants and flowers. There is also a public skating rink and a kiosk at the center of the circular skating rink. An obelisk dedicated to the memory of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the first Spanish governor-general of the Philippines, is planted at the very heart of the plaza.

Plaza Independencia is the most historically significant plaza in Cebu. Its land and age-old acacia trees are witness to the many phases and stories of Cebu’s rich history.

In the early 1600s, it was called Plaza de Armas. When it was widened later on and expanded to reach nearby properties of the Cathedral of Cebu, it was called Plaza Mayor. Later in the Spanish rule, it was further landscaped and developed and was christened Plaza Maria Cristina, in honor of the queen regent. During the American colonial period, its name was changed to Plaza Libertad, as the Americans asserted how they liberated Cebuanos from the Spanish rule. Later on it finally became known as Plaza Independencia.

In a road tunnel construction project in 2006 that touched a part of the plaza and nearby areas, pre-Hispanic human bones and some earthenware were uncovered. In 2008, some artifacts were unearthed which included gold death masks, a pair of gold earrings, a Thai bluish-green “guan” celadon, jars and other earthenware. Plaza Independencia and some strategic parts of the downtown area of Cebu are a rich archaeological field due to its history as a prehispanic settlement and trading port. Indeed, there are many secrets and stories from Plaza Independencia.






Taboan Market20150929_140211

You can buy dried fish in other areas in Cebu, but over the years, the Taboan Public Market has built its reputation for being”The dried fish market” in the city. It isn’t crowded or crampy compared to the bigger public markets such as Carbon.

Getting there might be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the city. Your best bet would be to take a taxi. Most taxi drivers are very familiar with the area. If you want to go extreme local style, jeepneys with the number 04C, 17B and 17C will take you up to the corner of Taboan near the former city hospital. You can always ask locals for direction:) .



Where to eat- Mura at masarap- thanks for the treat 🙂

Ayer’s Lechon




Coffee mate Rejie

Daghang Salamat Cebu- Byaherang barat


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