2#WallShare- Tripkada Mobile App

I was introduced to this Travel Mobile App last year 2016. The application is really helpful, easy to navigate and it will give lots of adventure to choose from.As a travel organizer,the app helps me a lot to get more participants. And the staff – they are great people.

Proud to be one of the 1st batch




What is Tripkada

Tripkada is a mobile app where travellers can join trips organised by fellow travellers. think uberpooling for trips = trip-pooling. Instead of paying for an entire package, users can simple book a slot on a trip and join other travellers, split the bill, meet new friends, and tick things off their bucket list for less.

Trips are organised and led by Tripkada’s curated community of travellers. And because the entire cost of the trip is split among everyone in the group, daytrips can go for 750-2500, while weekend trips can cost anywhere from 1500-3500 (depending on the destinations and inclusions).

Tripkada was launched to the public on Google Play on August 10, 2016 by adventure travel company, Fliptrip.ph, which specialises in connecting travellers to local communities in off-the-beaten-path destinations in the philippines.

How it works

Tripkada is made possible by it’s community of travelers who organize trips independently. Trip organizers do not work for tripkada, unless specified. They are curated and given special access to your organizer app, trainings and events that we hope will help them to provide great experiences for their joiners.




Log into Tripkada and find a stream of available trips for the weekend. Check what fits what you feel like doing, whether it’s to hike up a mountain, surf at the beach, or just plain bum somewhere with a great view.

Pick your trip, and join it by paying the downpayment of PHP 500-800 through the different payment options. simple choose what’s convenient for you




Wait for your confimation and reminders, and get ready for your next epic weekend!

Click here to join our community , a lot of trips and adventure are waiting for you.



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