Dingalan Aurora Adventure -A 2D1N Travel Guide


Looking for quick adventure near the metro? A 3-4 hours’ drive from Manila – Dingalan will offer a complete package of adventure – beach, waterfalls, caving and trekking.


Dingalan is a third class municipality in the province of Aurora, Philippines.I was invited by my friend Nerie to visit Dingalan. I never heard about that place before, so thanks to google and to local blogger who posted their pictures online, it makes me wanna go there. So, we just packed our bag and go…

How to Get There:

From Manila, there is several bus companies bound to Cabanatuan City.

Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours. Bus Fare Manila -Cabanatuan: 185-200php.

From Cabanatuan, ride a van to Dingalan. Fare: 150-200php

Travel Time: 1hr


Finally! After 4hrs of travel ( Private Car) we arrive at Dingalan Feeder Port around 7am . Our chosen hotel is just across the street.

Shalom Guest House | Phone Number : 09173529131

The Shalom guest house /Shalom Mona beach resort are located at Paltic Dingalan aurora . Owned by Monaliza Gongona the Municipal Councilor of Dingalan.

Recommended Guide: He will provide everything for your group. Dimple is helpful and kind. From Boat – kuliglig ride , to resort and accommodation .

Dimple Phone Number: 09363787946

Time Check muna tayo.


0700 AM Check in at Shalom Hotel/ Quick Breakfast

0800 AM Bound to Kuliglig Ride – Jump off to Water Falls Chasing

From the port you can hire a tricycle or motor cycle to go there – inform Dimple to arrange transfers for your group. If you have a car, travel time will take 45 minutes to 1hr. It’s a bumpy ride – 


Before heading to Jump-off buy all the supplies that you need. Water, food ,etc.They have a Talipapa where you can buy seafood’s – and cook it yourself –

No mobile signal in some areas


0900 AM Jump-off / Kuliglig Ride –Prepare yourself for a 45 minutes exciting ride to falls.


1000 AM Arrived at Laktas Falls

1200 NN Lunch

Laktas Falls


0200 PM Abungan Falls

Abungan Falls





A beautiful Sunday morning, after breakfast we went to Dingalan Lighthouse .From the port you have an option to walk along the shore line for an hour or hire a boat to White Beach Resort – Boat Fare: 1000php-1200php ( 10pax) – travel time: 20-30minutes. Ask the boat man if water level will allow you to visit the cave as well.

From White Beach Resort , the registration if free ( June 2016) ,they required guide to go up to the lighthouse. Guide Fee: 200php-300php ( 10pax). The trail all way up is easy, just be extra careful if the trail is wet, and don’t forget to bring umbrella and water to keep you hydrated . From jump off to lighthouse is just 20-30 minutes away, depending on your pace. Unfortunately the light now close for renovation. We are lucky to have a chance to go up there during my 1st and 2nd visit, but on my 3rd visit it was already close, Its better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some of my pictures . Enjoy and if you wanna visit Dingalan- msg me at 09167020281 – or find me in Facebook, I am offering a good deal for a Day and Overnight tour in Dingalan. The pictures above is taken during my 1st and 2nd wave of Dingalan tour.




Thank you Dingalan for unforgettable and fun adventure that we had. Till we meet again!

Byaherang Barat-


About me

cropped-cymera_20160403_112114.jpgHi! Call her G –

G is a typical office girl, wearing corporate attire with some make up on during weekdays.

ByaherangBarat is daring and wild traveler, adventure seeker and a photographer wanna be. My ultimate dream is to travel the world with my special someone, and climb the highest mountain “ The Mount Everest “.  I am here to share my adventures and to convince you to go out – pack your bag – and travel . Go, meet new people, don’t be afraid to get lost in the middle of the forest or in the big city. Take it as a challenge and conquer it !

I don’t want a holiday – I want adventure!

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  1. I just watched Good News bout Dingalan then i googled for tour package there. I found your blog…very inviting and pictures were refreshing. May i know how much is the package tour per pax..is the boodle fight provided? Does the package include transpo, accom and tours? Pls update me para sa huling hirit this summer. Thanks

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