Summer in October| Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island – Summer in October 2016

The Island is part of municipality of Mauban Quezon.


Sabi nga nila- Pag biglaan natutuloy. 2 days before the 2nd weekend of October, I felt the need of some sun kiss and sand on my skin. So I asked my travel buddies to go out with me, they are my office/seat mate, so it’s easy for us to plan out trip. Another biglaang vacation leave – and yah it’s impossible, so we request for a slide shift instead, to make this trip possible.

Saturday morning – Time Check

0400AM – Out From Work

0430AM- Jac Liner – Gil Puyat

Ride a bus from Cubao or Pasay Bound to Lucena

0500AM- Departure time to Lucena

Time check – 8am, finally after almost 3hrs on the road to Lucena.

0800AM- Lucena Grand Terminal

0820AM- Bus bound to Mauban

From here you have two options –

You can Ride a Bus from Grand Terminal to Mauban or a Van

  • Bus Fare: 54php | Travel Time: 1.5-2hrs
    • First Trip: 4AM – then every hour there is bus a bus available bound to Mauban.
    • Last Trip: I’ll Update soon – sorry kase nag mamadali na kami that time,I forgot to ask.
  • Van Fare: 70-80php |Travel Time: 1.5hrs
    • First Trip: Ill Update soon
    • Last Trip: I’ll Update soon

As we arrived – first thing first – mamalengke. After a quick breakfast and buying all the stuff that we need, we went directly to the port . Don’t forget to register and get all the important contact number ( just incase of emergency ) before you leave.

Time Check – 1045AM Now on board

Passenger Boat Fare: 70php per way one way –  10am to Cagbalete -|1pm Cagbalete to Mauban

1030AM Mauban to Cagbalete

0100PM Cagbalete to Mauban




The boat ride to Cagbalete Island from the port of Mauban will take 45 minutes – 1hr. The ocean is calm and weather is good that day. Riding to a passenger boat will save you lots of money, and you will get a chance to meet travelers along the way. Private Boat Schedule and rates state above.


Boat transfer from Sabtang Port to resort


It was a fun weekend , traveling with Alexis and Nerie is always fun. After paying all necessary fees, tent set up, and prep our food for lunch, we went to  island hopping (that includes sand bar and snorkeling). Kind a pricey for a group of 3, it will cost 1200-1800php. But its all worth it.

Cagbalete Island is a perfect place to go for a quick weekend getaway – Travel with your friends to save more,and enjoy – always practice LNT and respect locals wherever you go.

Thanks Nerie and Lex for sharing another travel memories – Till out next trip!

Here are some of our pictures – enjoy! let y pictures take you to Cagbalete.











– Our Food –



-Our Expenses ( for 3 Pax )-

Rice 40php
Water 65php
Chicken 100php
Egg ,Vegies, condiments 200php
Bus from Manila to Lucena 630php
Bus from Manila to Mauban 162php
Tricycle to Port 50php
Boat Fee (Passenger Boat) 210php
Eco Tourism Registration Fee 150php
Boat Ride From Cagbalete Port to Resort 400php
Resort Fee – Entrance Fee and Tent Pitching Fee 600php ( 100php per head,300php per tent)
Island Hopping Boat Fee 1200php ( Sand Bar and Snorkeling)
Boat Ride from Resort to Cagbalete Port 400php – (6pax)

66php each

Boat Ride to Mauban 210php
Tricycle to Bus Terminal 30php
Bus Fare From Mauban to Manila 810php
Total 5055php/3 = 1685php each

-Contact Info –

Villa Noe Beach Resort : 09217849062 | POP Reservation Officer

Boat Man : Tatay Tikboy : 09984117108

The mandatory group shot with our new friends – Love  ,kim and Jaja.

” Don’t be afraid to say hello , offer help and smile with stranger along the way  ,don’t be afraid to  meet new friends – you’ll learn a lot from them by sharing travel and life experiences .”- BB




Every sunrise is a reminder of a new beginning. Get up! It’s never too late to start a new life ! -BB


About me

cropped-cymera_20160403_112114.jpgHi! Call her G –

G is a typical office girl, wearing corporate attire with some make up on during weekdays.

ByaherangBarat is daring and wild traveler, adventure seeker and a photographer wanna be. My ultimate dream is to travel the world with my special someone, and climb the highest mountain “ The Mount Everest “.  I am here to share my adventures and to convince you to go out – pack your bag – and travel . Go, meet new people, don’t be afraid to get lost in the middle of the forest or in the big city. Take it as a challenge and conquer it !

I don’t want a holiday – I want adventure!

You can find and fallow me at Instagram , Facebook , and  my with Fb Page


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