Calaguas Island Summer Getaway


Calaguas Island

May 14-15,2016



The Calaguas is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor islands.

Most of the islands are under the administrative jurisdiction of Vinzons, while the minor island of Maculabo is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Paracale. Recently, the island of Tinaga where the well-known long beach called Mahabang Buhangin is located is experiencing an influx of tourists despite the absence of accommodation. Campers and backpackers visit Mahabang Buhangin to experience its powdery white sands.

The recent popularity of Calaguas Island has brought many tourists and travelers, especially during the summer. This has worried some of the natives and locals that increased tourism might lead to the detriment of the island’s peace and serenity. This is why the local government has created a program that will hold everyone responsible for taking care of Calaguas Island … Read more


How to Get There:

Via Vinzons

Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte is the jumpoff point to Calaguas Islands if you are going there via Vinzons. From there catch a jeeney to Vinzons and get off at the fishport (pandawan). There’s a boat going to Barangay Banocboc daily, it departs the fishport at 11 AM, from Banocboc you can hire a banca to take you to Calaguas Islands for as low as P500.00 or even lower depending on your haggling skill. The return trip to Vinzons fishport leaves Banocboc at 6AM the next day.

Alternatively, you can hire a boat from Vinzons fishport to Calaguas Islands, price depends on the capacity of the boat. For a small boat that can fit four to five people, the lowest rate is at P2500-P3000.00. It is a two hour boat ride from the port.

Going to Daet from Manila, you have two options:

By Land

Philtranco, Amihan (Contact No: 3871792), DLTB and Superlines buses offer Cubao/Pasay to Daet for an approximately 7-8 hours travel time. Fare cost differs, but ranging from P450.00(~$10) to P750.00(~$17)

By Air

Naga in Camarines Sur is closest airport with regular commercial flights via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. From Naga, Daet is around two hours drive. There are vans to Daet located in Naga Van Terminal, the earliest departs at 5AM and the last trip is around 7PM.

Via Paracale

Paracale, a Camarines Norte town popular for its gold, is fast becoming an entry point to Calaguas Islands. From Daet, the town can be reached in less than two hours by public vans, fare is around P60.00. Last trip from Daet to Paracale is 6PM and 5PM for Paracale to Daet.

If you are coming from Manila, Superlines has direct trip to Paracale/Panganiban (P515/pax, one-way, as of February 2016). Get off at Paracale and make your way to the fish port. Alternatively, you can ride a bus to Daet, get off at Barangay Talobatib in the town of Labo and ride another bus for less than an hour to get to Paracale town and walk to the fish port.

At the fish port, you can ask around for fishermen’s boats to Halabang Baybay (Mahabang Buhangin), Calaguas for as low as P3000 (good for five to six persons, overnight) or you may opt to ride a boat that goes to Barangay Mangkawayan, Calaguas for a cheaper fare of at least P50 per person. However there’s no regular public boat going to Barangay Mangkawayan but more of fisherman’s boat and the schedule  is unpredictable.

Travel Tips

  • Boat rate is as low as P3,000/boat overnight for six persons, P5,000/boat overnight for 10 persons, P6,500/boat overnight for 15 persons.
  • Barangay collects P20 per person as Environmental Fee in Calaguas Island
  • Those coming from Paracale, a P20 fee is also collected by barangay for every tourist
  • Best time to go is during summer and dry months (September to June)
  • Try trekking to the nearby hill to see the beach from the higher vantage point
  • There is a source of fresh water in the island
  • There are restrooms in the island
  • The island have now more cottages and stores, entrance fee is P100 – P150 depending on where you will rent your cottage or pitch your tent, cottage is as low as P500/night, tent pitching fee is P100 per tent
  • Waling-waling has rooms for at least P3,500 per room per night
  • There is a small community (Barangay Mangkawayan) on the opposite side of the island, around 10 minutes by foot if you want to buy sea foods ( morning)
  • Superlines is the cheapest aircon bus line to Daet and Paracale, their Cubao to Paracale fare as of February 2016 is P515.00


  • Scuba diving/snorkeling (bring your own equipment)
  • Island hopping
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Surfing in Daet’s Bagasbas Beach


and now let me share how we enjoy our Calaguas Island Getaway ….

Thanks to  Den-Den  of Flo Bay Travel and Tours for helping me in this trip. I organized this event for me to experience Calaguas.

meet DEN-DEN

Time Check –



Almost 8hrs drive from Manila to Vinzons. After having our quick breakfast and buying some stuff, we went directly to Vinzons Port – Our entry point going to Calaguas Island.








Expect a bumpy boat ride going  Calaguas Island – always wear your life vest . After some time, we finally reach the island. ” WOW ” that’s the first word that comes out in my head.



I cant find the exact the word to describe the beauty of Calaguas group of island. The island offers a crystal clear water , white sand beach and a perfect landscape around it, and bring a snorkeling gear , you don’t want to miss that garden under the sea.

Time Check



” Selfie time with my friends /participants “



Expect the crowd every weekend , so if you want to own this island, visit during weekdays. You will really enjoy the beauty of this beach , but don’t forget to wear sunblock and stay away from the sun by 10am-3pm, you can just relax with your friends, or sleep during those hours, but don’t miss the stunning sunset of Calaguas.


Sunset is my favorite color –

” sabay  nating sinaksihan ang paglubog ng araw sa iisang lugar – sana sa susunod,mag kasama na nateng pagmasdan ang paglubog at pagsikat ng araw” – hindi yung ajan ka,andito ako……

Time check  1100pm – time to sleep !

After having dinner and socials with my group, its time to have my me time inside my 5 billion star accommodation . I always love and enjoy  sleeping under the moon , plus the peaceful sounds of the sea and a billion star on top of me. ” good night love” – you’re so near – but yet so far.

2nd Day – Time Check – 0500 am – Good morning sunshine !


I am so excited to witness the beauty of Calaguas garden under the sea.

Call time 0800 – its time to go – pack up na guy’s and get ready for island hopping and snorkeling activities.

Here are some of the picture of our island hoping adventure,snorkeling and Bagasbas beach side trip.





with RED




with roshelle


si kuya driver…


CYMERA_20160517_120843-01 (2).jpeg


Time check – 0200 pm – Its to time to go back to reality – thank you so much Calaguas Island for this wonderful experience, and to all my participants for joining this trip. till  next time 🙂 –


Want to travel with us ? Check out the list of our private tours  – Click here.

Feel free to contact me at 09167020281


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