Nagsasa Cove Summer Getaway

April30-May01 ,2016

Nagsasa Cove is a perfect place for a quick and cheap weekend getaway, a 3-4 hours drive from manila, and a 45 minutes boat ride from Pundaquit Port.


One of my favorite weekend getaway this summer 2016. Why? coz, we finally saw each other again.

I miss him a lot. Meet my best friend – win

So,sulitin ang moment. Tara na!



 – the crowded campsite –



–  Let’s explore the Island –



enjoying the sunset with your best friend is ❤
– the Cast –

Thanks guys for the fun and madaming kwento ng buhay buhay,till next time!

here are some details that would help for your Nagsasa Cove getaway…

How to get there :

Via Bus :

Ride a bus from Cubao bound to San Antonio Zambales – fare : 270php. From San Antonio, ride a tricycle to Barangay San Miguel or Pundakit Port. Standard rate is 20php per passenger.

From the port, you can hire a boat to Nagsasa for 1800 – small boat

Rates for island and cove hopping:

Camara Island: P700.00
Capones Island: P1000.00
Anwangin Cove: P1000.00
Camara and to Capones: P1000.00
Camara and to Capones and to Anawangin: P1,500.00
Nagsasa Cove or Silanguin Cove: P2,500.00
Anawangin entrance fee is P50/head and P150/head for an overnight stay

Note: additional  500 for overnight stay.

Stop Haggling! You earn better living compared to the locals of Pundaquit.

Travel tips :

  • No Signal
  • Water prof your things
  • Don’t forget to wear life vest , prepare your self for a bumpy ride.
  • Bring extra battery / power bank
  • Bring mosquito repellent
  • Bring your own tent to save money
  • Bring enough drinking water supply and food – Mahal ang tubig at bilihin sa isla.
  • Wear Sunblock / sun Protection
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the island and enjoy

Activities :

  • Swimming
  • Trekking
  • Snorkeling ( Bring your own gear, may magandang spot for snorkeling malapit sa cliff jumping area nila,ask locals)
  •  Cliff Jumping ( try it, masaya sya. Ingat lang mga kaByahe)
  • Camping

– Practice LNT – be a responsible traveler ! Enjoy 

If you are looking for private tours and a Van to rent for your group getaway – Pls. call  ByahengPinas 09167020281







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