Sambawan Island – Day 2 (3days-2nights Leyte Adventure)

Sambawan Island – Biliran Leyte,Philippines


Sambawan Island is located in Biliran Leyte Philippines,an hour boat ride from Kawayan Port .

Kawayan Port
Kawayan Port

Sambawan is the best place to go if you are looking for a sweet city escape. The island is composed of rocky islets with white sand beach and rich marine and coral gardens,the place to do scuba diving and snorkeling, they have available equipment and a license divers to assist you,but I am not sure about the rates( i will update this article once I have the complete info about it).


Maripipi Island
Judeya Boat Rental
lele-jamie-jet and me


Say hello to Lele –

How to go to the island:

From Tacloban, ride a van going to Naval – Fare :120php – Travel time: 2hrs and 30 minutes.

From Naval, We rented ( Pakyaw) 2 habal-habal for 1500/4 ( 375 each – From Bishimar Apertel – Ulan-ulan Falls – Back to Hotel – to Naval public market – Kawayan Port ) Sulit 😀

Travel time : 30-40 minutes

Habal-habal contact num : ————–

Or ride a jeepney to kawayan port

Fare : Php30                                                                                                                       Travel time : 45minutes to 1hr

From Kawayan Port – you have to rent a pump boat to Sambawan Island,that will take  about 45 minutes depending on the weather condition.

Pump Boat Rental : 2500/4 – 625 each ( 2  way)

Judeya Boat Rental –  09067535663 / 09392030720

I’ll give them 5 star rating – why? Our Boat Man is very strict with time – and I like that- not late -no delay- good job!

Try to search online and post about your trip – you might find a group going the same day – I’m sure you will save more money-  the boat can accommodate 8-10 person.

The local way :

In Naval Port – They have  large outrigger boats going to Maripipi Island daily that leaves 10:30 am  and return back to Naval the next day at 05:00 am.

Travel time is roughly 1.5 hrs

Fare: PhP75

From Maripipi Island,you can hire a small boat for Php500 ( 1-5 person- 2 way ) to Sambawan.

Travel time: 20 minutes

Contact info : Cynthia Requiero 0918 516 6075


What to bring :

There is a store where you can buy some snack,drinks and basic needs. But I suggest to buy everything that you need in Naval before heading to the island.

Electricity – Yes -The island is powered by solar panel and generator.

Fresh Water  – Yes ( PhP25 per container ,im not sure if you can drink it,but you can use it for cooking)

Shower Room / Cr – Yes

Signal – Smart- Globe – Sun – Yes

Tent for rent – No


Entrance Fee – Php100

Boat docking fee – Php125 ( I wonder, san kaya napupunta yun..haha)




Island has an open cottage (PhP 500 rental) and bahay-kubo inspired cottages (PhThe P2,500 rental, good for 10 people) are available at the island for tourists who wish to stay overnight.You can also pitch a tent for Php50.

Sambawan Contact num: 0928 904 3673



Hellow Jet – The cook

We arrived around 12:00 pm , after paying all the required fees and registration , we started to prepare our lunch/ dinner .




yeah! the takaw tingin team


 Time to explore the Island

Here are some of our pictures, pls excuse our kaartehan..hihihi


Sambawan Island is clean,not crowded and well maintained by the developer – I met him during our visit- I just forgot his name… ( makakalimutin talaga ako)  – he is  friendly and accommodating. The Island care takers are friendly as well.


20151127_161801-01 (4)












The best Sunset View that I have seen -so far




I had a great time, it was a peaceful evening – imagine yourself sleeping in your tent,under the moon and the stars ,it’s so relaxing – the sounds of the nature is like a lullaby –  good night!

thanks Sambawan – See you again !



8 thoughts on “Sambawan Island – Day 2 (3days-2nights Leyte Adventure)

  1. ian | going places says:

    Are there also buses bound to Kawayan Port? And are there also nooks where you can leave you’re things without renting a nipa hut. I intend to do a day trip only for like 2-4 hours stay. Thanks for sharing your itinerary to Sambawan. Very helpful and the views are so stunning… ‘Hope to experience its beauty soon.


      1. ian | going places says:

        Thanks for the tip. Is it also hard to get a habal transpo around Maripipi… especially for the return trip to Naval as the boat going back is 5am so we have to early by 4am.


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