Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

Badian, Cebu

How to get here: From Cebu City South Bus Station, you can reach the town by riding a bus to Bato Via Barili .

Bus Fare:  AC 135php

Ordinary: 120php

Travel Time: It will take 3hrs,

Entrance fee – 20

Matutinao Church

Matutinao Church Jump off to Kawasan Falls, you can ask the bus driver to drop you in Matutinao Church. From here, Kawasan Falls is just a walk away, I think its just 10-15 minutes walk from the hi-way.

Kawasan Falls is a must see tourist attraction in town, it’s a three-layered waterfall system located at Barangay Matutinao,Badian Cebu. Find out more ( Click Here )

I wish,I can stay longer  in this paradise – we just had our dinner and good thing we had a chance to take some photos. We have to leave early,because two of our friends are in a rush to catch  their flight back to Manila. But it’s okey , coz I can always come back,and I will surely do. The area is clean and well maintained by locals, the water is fresh and  clear as crystal. The beautiful scenery and the azure water basin will make you fall in love with this place.Here are some of our picture – enjoy!

Kawasan Falls – Level 3

Kawasan Falls Level 1

Kawasan Dam for electricity supply in CEBECO






Kawasan Falls – Level 2



Capture2They have Balsa available for rent,for 300php – good for the entire stay

Kainan time after 4hrs of Canyoning Adventure – thanks sa food guys..



For rent for 300php

for rent for 300php

they have available room – 2500 with ac,1500 without ac -overnight




unnamed (6)

You cannot just ignore the beauty of nature – Take time to see the world,and taste the fullness of life.


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