Aguinid Falls


Aguinid Waterfalls in Tangbo comprises five different tiers along Tangbo River. Each tier has a unique waterfall. One can never reach the peak or last waterfall without climbing the limestone walls of each waterfall from the lowest to highest. Read more


Registration fee : 10php

Guide Fee : No fix rate –

You must have your own guide,so that they can assist your group along the way. But don’t worry there are local guides in uniform in the area who can assist you,specially in level 2.

A short orientation with ate




-Level One –

Level one Photo Credits to Lakwatserong Sulit

-Level Two –

Level two
say hellow to Rejie,Barry, Cheska and Sig

-Level Three –



-Level Four-


I had my first ever water falls jump in my life here….


-Level Five –



CYMERA_20150927_030835-01 (2)



-What to bring-

Bottled water

Extra clothes

Dry bag

( you have an option to leave your things in the registration area to keep it dry)

-How to get there-

From Cebu South Terminal, ride a bus going to Bato Via Barili – and you need to get off at the town proper of Samboan where you can see a special landmark—a round-shaped kiosk with a farmer statue on the rooftop. Or in Barangay Tangbo,from there you can just walk going to the registration area,

Fare : 175php

Travel hours : 3-4 hours

Habal-habal from Town proper to Jump off of Aguinid Falls Fare : not really sure because we took a private car when we went there. But don’t worry ,I’m sure it will not cost that much.

The cast- thank you guys for being part of my Cebu Solo Adventure !

Traveling solo does not mean you will be alone in the entire adventure. Along the way you will meet marvelous  people that will make a special connection that lasts a life time , and you’ll see that friendship begins with a simple hello  ” – Byaherangbarat


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