Tumalog Falls


The best side trip destination after your Whale Shark encounter in Oslob. This place is accessible by private car, usually by habal habal from tan-awan.We went there via car, but we still need to hire habal habal going down to the falls,coz they are not allowing car to go near the falls.From the parking lot we decided not to ride a habal-habal, we just walk and it took us for only 5-7 minutes.The road downhill is concrete but steep,and I can imagine how it feels like riding  motorcycle down there,for sure its like riding a roller coaster.Just in case you wanna try,its 70php 2 way,and a 20php entrance fee.


The moment we arrive.I was mesmerized of what I’ve seen.I never thought Tumalog Falls is beautiful as this.My mobile camera can’t capture the real beauty of this falls. One thing I love about this place is that the pool is not so deep,I think it is just  4-5 ft deep,a best place to swim for non-swimmers like me.I am happy to see that  place is clean,no vandalism and well manage by Oslob local goverment. After taking some pictures,I have to leave this paradise with a smile.



CYMERA_20150927_015005-01 (2)

CYMERA_20150927_014739-02 (2)



The Tumalog Falls  is also known as “Mag-ambak Falls” or “Toslob Falls” , a highly must-visit place – with a multi-step cascading waterfalls uniquely crafted in an umbrella-like stone formations.


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