Kanlaob River Canyoneering

the cast
Potz,me, Sig and Louise –

Alright, I am so excited to write about this amazing experience.After 2 days of delay due to weather,finally we had our Kanlaob River Canyoning during our 3rd day. It was a sunny Sunday morning, a good and perfect timing for this exciting activity.

At around 11:00 am , we went to Matutinao Church, the jump off to Kawasan Falls. We got our life vest and guide from there and took habal-habal to the registration area.The road to registration area is kind a rough,slippery, totally uneven, so just relax and let your habal-habal driver to hit the road, they are doing it everyday.


aaaFrom the registration area you have to do some trekking for  2-3 minutes going to the Kanlaob River.


And the fun starts here.. Yes! You have to jump on that 20ft cliff – no warm up – no minors jump – and there is no other way to enter the canyon,so ” don’t think ,just jump” , but honestly it took me 5 minutes to decide and hit my first jump,It feels like, riding a roller coaster  going down the railway.


yeah! that’s me during my first jump.

After jumping in to the strong current of water, the next stage is you have slide your self down to the stream and wait for the entire group to finish,so can go hand and hand,and let your body go with the fast flowing water on the other side of the river. I cant believe I survive that part. wooh! 

unnamed (1)
this is the part that i’m talking about

Kanlaob Canyoning to Kawasan falls  will take 3-4hrs,it has a series of climbing, cliff jumping,spelunking,swimming and a long trek with a beautiful scenery . Along the way you will see stalactites and some rock formations . The beauty of this canyon makes me wanna stay forever.

unnamed (7)

Capture CYMERA_20150930_224158-01 IMGP2823-01

The picture above is one of my fave part of this adventure, you have lay down on that ramp and let the water push you down. ” wooooh,isa pa! ” –



After a long trek, we finally reach the second jump site. Yeah!



Woooh! this second jump scares me ,I am not afraid of heights, but the challenge is,I don’t know how to swim. But nothing can stop me, and i really want to jump, so I just count from 1-3,then I jump in to that deep and cold water. On this part,you have an option to just walk – but the team decided that all of us have to jump! And yes, you must jump, you don’t wanna missed that .

IMGP2833-01 IMGP2838-01 unnamed (4)





After 30-40 minutes of trekking , you will end the Kanlaob Canyoning in Kawasan Falls.


I survived the  Downstream Canyoning to Kawasan Falls of Badian Cebu for very affordable price. We all know that travelling solo is more expensive,so why not join the bigger group. You will save money,at the same time you will meet new friends!

Ending this blog with a sample expenses and some info,  and I hope would be very helpful to aspiring adventure enthusiasts like you. Go! pack your bag! and enjoy!

How to get there –

From Cebu City,you can reach the Kawasan falls jump off  by riding a bus to Bato Via Barili from South bus Station to Barangay Matutinao .

Bus Fare:  AC 135php

Ordinary 120php

From there you can hire habal-habal for 50php – one way

Canlaob Canyoning :

P1200/person min. of 2pax

P1000/person min. of 6pax

P900/person min. of 10pax


*set lunch or dinner after the canyoneering

* tour guide

* Fee for Drop off ride to Kanlaob Alegria

* Entrance fee (Kanla-ob Alegria)

* Exit Fee (Kawasan Falls)

* Canyoneering gears (Vest and helmet)

For more info about the tour, pls contact Kuya Raymond,and let him know that you got the info from this post,for sure he will give you a discount. I recommend him for your Cebu South adventure,as I experienced and see how he treats his guest. He is very accommodating,and fun to be with.  Let me give him 4 stars out of 5.

Raymond Sande Contact num: +63 932-607-9016

Where to stay – you have an option of fetching your tent for 100php in front of one the resorts in Lambug, (Badian),or have your room accommodation for a very affordable price.

  • The Grandeur Beach Resort –              Phone:+63926-2789880
  • Magic Beach Resort –                            Phone:+63915-458-6637 or +63926-1205042.
  • Kawasan Falls Glecerio’s Cottages –    Phone:+63922-7562457

This is the most memorable  and extreme adventure that I had so far in my entire life.And again,nothing can stop me, I am born to face those fears! and yeah I did it, and I thank God for His creation,for letting me see and experience the wonder of nature. Also thank those new found friend that I had,who gave me a lot of strengths and courage to face my fears.  Its another full of fun experience to remember!



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