Oslob – Whale Shark Encounter


Whale Shark Encounter –

Tan-awan Oslob Cebu

Sept. 27, 2015

A rainy Saturday morning- so what’s for today? I am supposed to do canyoning today, but it’s raining,So we ended up doing the Whale Shark encounter in Oslob. I am lucky to meet Kuya Raymond, and joined his group/client for the entire Cebu south adventure.

with kuya Raymond

Its supposed to be a DIY travel with my travel buddy Rejie, but being a joiner is more fun,you will save more money and gain more friends. From Badian Cebu we rode a private van going to Oslob for about an hour and 30 minutes, we had the chance to stop and had some photo shoot along the way.


Around 10:00 am, we arrived at the registration area in Tan-awan Oslob, It’s a long weekend so as I expected, it was crowded.


Orientation before swimming with Whale Shark
Rejie, me,Sig,Barry and Pachie ( chesca)

Attending a short orientation is mandatory, the speaker will give a list of guidelines before your interaction with whale sharks.Aside from the guidelines listed in the picture,you are not allowed to wear sunblock, avoid too much noise and creating bubbles, whale sharks are attracted with bubbles.



CYMERA_20151001_005146After the orientation, you can now proceed in getting you snorkel gear and life-vest – hmmm, i suggest to bring your own, you don’t want to use those used snorkel gear. But just in case you don’t have your own, the rented gear is being washed as a courtesy of the next user,and its inclusive in 500php snorkeling fee for locals and 1000php for foreigner.

alright,excited na kame !
the view from our boat


The whale shark watching and snorkeling will run for only 30 minutes,so go,deep in to the deep blue water and swim with the gentle giants.But pls. keep in mind, don’t touch them,or hurt them,pls. follow the recommended distance of 4m, if you break the rules,you’ll be subjected to 2,500php fine and  6 months imprisonment. The local guide are watching you, good to know that they are into it. I personally heard one of our guides saying – ” stay away, keep the 4m distance”, but its impossible , without knowing it,the Butanding is right beside you.



unnamed (1)


I am so amazed, “wow” ,I am happy to see them,to had the chance to swim with those gentle giants. Another amazing experience!


But,honestly,after seeing it with my own eyes,and realized how they are being hurt, how they bumped in to the frame of  boats around them,how they are being injured,I am not so happy about it. And we all know that feeding them,as they became dependent with humans, has a negative impact on their growth.

click image for source
click image to read the Article about this photo



Guide: You can contact Raymond Sande at : 09326079016 | 09151392249

How to get there

From Manila – By Plane

Air line Listing Cebu – Mactan International Airport

Cebu Pacific Airline Cebu Pacific Airlines flies to Cebu from almost every major airport in the

Philippines, online booking possible

Air Philippines Air Philippines one of the main competitor of Cebu Pacific Airlines,

online booking possible

Philippines Airlines Philippine Airlines the most established airline in the Philippines with

the most flights, online booking possible

Zest Air Zest Air flies to Manila and many other smaller airports –

online booking possible

International – direct to Mactan Cebu International Airport
Cebu Pacific Airline Cebu Pacific Airlines flies to HK, Singapore,Korea and Japan –

online booking possible

Silk air Silk Air flies from Singapore to Cebu – online booking possible
Malaysia Airlines Malaysia Airlines flies from Kuala Lumpur and Kota kinabalu to Cebu

online booking possible

Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific flies from HK to Cebu online booking possible
Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines flies from Korea – online booking possible
Korean Airline Korean Air flies from Korea online booking possible

From Cebu City- just go to South Bus Terminal via Taxi or public jeepney.

Terminal- South Bus Terminal Ceres Bus Fare (non-air-conditioned)-150 php Ceres Bus Fare (air-conditioned)-155 php Travel time-3 hours Frequency :30 minutes (day and night 24hours)

From Bato 20 minutes ride with a Ceres bus 30php.

From Moalboal around 2 hours (1hour and a half to get to Bato and then another 20 minutes) 70+30php.

Where to eat

We had our lunch in the Rosita’s Eatery – Right beside the registration area.  Of course there are some resto’s around the area.- some has free WIFI.

My Barat Lunch – Adobong Pusit :50php

Rice : 10php

Water: 25php

Total of : 85php

Souvenir Shop

There are some souvenir shops in the area where you buy, T-shirts, Malong,key chain ,etc.

Where to stay

pls. contact kuya Arvin for cheap accommodation ( Home stay , back packing style ) –  09327375972


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