Mt. Pico De Loro


Maragondon, Cavite
Major jump-off: DENR Station, Magnetic Hill, Ternate, Cavite
Minor jump-off: Ternate-Nasugbu Highway, Nasugbu, Batangas
LLA: 14° 12.855 N; 120° 38.785 E; 664 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 2-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Distinctive spire at the summit, forests, scenic views of Cavite

A week ago, I was craving for a hike, my body is desperately seeking for adventure, so  I  asked my office mates and friends if they can come with me, Pm ( travel buddy) is planning to climb the same mountain, so we decided to climb together with his group.

Aug.9 , 2015

Meeting place : Provincial Bus Terminal (coastal mall)

At exactly 6am we ride a bus from coastal terminal to Maragondon, Cavite. Bus Fare: 80php, after 1hr and 30 minutes of travel, reached Maragondon Cavite, from there we ride a tricycle to DENR office for about 20-25 minutes.

20150809_071700 Capture

to DENR,

Before starting the climb, we registered at the DENR station and did some photo-ops.


ggg 20150809_074140

At around 8am,the rain starts to pour as we started to trek,so before we start,we make sure that all of our electronic devices are safe on getting wet.Most of us will have a phone and camera at least. And even though waterproofing options are out there, not many people use them.I used to bring garbage bag and zip-lock to secure my phone and other belongings  in getting wet. The first part of the trail is a stream with flowing water.Going up to the camp site is easy ,but the rain makes the trail slippery and muddy,this makes steep trails interesting at best and a nightmare at worst. you have to hold on to roots and vines to make it easier to climb,but always look for the bright side of everything,the good thing about trekking while raining,is that you are not getting dehydrated easily and no sun burns.From DENR office, you can climb up to the camp site without a guide,the trail is easy to find,there is no left and right turns that can lead you wrong way,

20150809_074625 (2) c


unnamed (1)

The Bamboo Forrest

” Camp site”

20150809_105800  After 2 hrs we finally we reach the camp site,,they called it bamboo forest. as you can see in picture, zero visibility “God,pls,let me see and experience that wonderful nature you created” – everyone of us has a positive thought on that day! .

unnamed (7)
ayun si Gerald , My dakilang guide to summit.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

Time check its, 10:20 , I’m hungry, its time for us to rest and have our lunch, as always, i just had tuna,egg and sky-flakes cracker,C360_2015-08-09-10-22-21-562


Meet my friend,PM LAYCO
Meet my friend,PM LAYCO


At around 11am we decided to climb up to summit,we had Gerald as our guide,50php per head, he has his own rope to support us to go up,the trail  from the camp site to summit is kind a difficult, you need to focus,be extra careful,and secure every took us 40 minutes to go up to the summit ,

picture muna bago mag summit


Time check ,11:44 am,finally we reach the summit ,a bit tired,but  my energy is still high,I’m so excited,as we reach the summit, the rain stop,but the fog is all over the place,I can’t even see any part of the monolith on the other side.


The Cast - the Summit group shot
The Cast – the Summit group shot


me and alex

We are 6 in the group, but only 4 of us made it to the monolith, and yes i am one of them! i had Gerald ,from the camp site to the summit,up to the top. First, you have to go down,before you can climb up to the monolith.

CYMERA_20150809_201105Going up to the top of monolith is another story for me, with my body frame and weight,it was challenging ,but if you are fit and you can lift yourself up, going up there will be easy as 123. The first part going up is easy, the rappelling part is dangerous, one wrong step without that rope, you will find yourself falling to that deadly cliff. Good thing they have that rope to help you to climb. I am watching them on their way up, i am started to get nervous, but nothing can stop me, it’s my turn now, Gerald gave me the instruction, sounds easy, but it’s hard to do. I can’t lift myself up, i am almost there but i can’t do last instruction that Gerald wants me to do, by that moment, i am starting to shake and gets scared, getting tired hanging, i don’t have any other choice , i rested myself by holding on the rope and lay on that rock for a minute, resting with a breath taking view of nasugbo coastline.. “wow, with the smile on my face, i can do this, i want this, i know i can, God pls., be my guide”. then i started to crawl and push myself up with the help of Gerald and two handsome hikers “my two angels” – no pictures coz i don’t have my cam with me during that time ,sayang! guys, whoever you are ,thank you! i am hanging for 5-10 minutes, it’s like life and death situation, after the rappelling part, the next part is easy, but always be careful and watch every step. And the moment that i reach the top, i feel so fulfill and happy, the level of happiness is priceless, i want to cry. I feel so lucky, as He always do, ang lakas ko talaga sayo ,everything around us are visible when we reach the top!  after 5 minutes of taking pictures with my friends,(thanks to cham and Diane, waiting on the other side taking our picture on top of the monolith),it’s time to go down, going down from the monolith  is  more easier, just hold on tight on the rope. After reaching back the summit with my friends cheering at me, everything happen just sink in my head with the tears in my eyes, and yes i did it!q qq qqq qqqq
CYMERA_20150810_153955 aaaaa

aaa aaaa CYMERA_20150809_195254CYMERA_20150809_195546CYMERA_20150809_195648 (2)CYMERA_20150809_200020 (2)CYMERA_20150809_200415CYMERA_20150809_200520CYMERA_20150809_200723CYMERA_20150809_201005

we just had a couple of minutes rest- and another pic taking, it was around 2pm .. we need to start our trek back to DENR. Base on my experience with my previous climb, going down is always easier and faster, but this time, ahh, how can i describe that 4hrs descending with lots of — oòoops, and know what mean.

FB_IMG_1439212516747 FB_IMG_1439212694107 unnamed (3)

Time check,its 6pm,time for us to go home,after cleaning up/shower in DENR office for 10php,we hire a tricycle From DENR office to Naic ,and it will cost you 120php each,Last trip back to Manila from Naic is 9Pm.

Guide: Gerald 09307582208 – He is the best, alaga kng alaga.

Tip: its muddy and slippery, why not used the side of the trail that no one passed on, but be careful, and don’t destroy the mother nature.


There is a lot of plants that has thorns, watch out!

Lesson of the day!

– No matter how hard the situation can be, you have to trust Him, He knows you can.



” I will never forget this day, another full of fun and adventure, more intense and more challenging climbing experience. Climbing a mountain is not just ascending and descending, taking pictures and see what’s out there, for me, in every mountain that I climb, is another life lesson to learn. Every step and every challenging part all the way up, gives me a strong point of view of life, to just go on, fight, survive, and you will see that in end, there is a reason of all of the challenges that you been through, now, i am more braver, and more ready to face the life that He gave, and live it to the fullest”- byaherang barat

Your turn

The mountains of your life are out there.  You are climbing them right now.  Are they the mountains you want to be climbing?  Have you taken the time to really know, deep within, if this mountain of life you’re on — if it’s the one you’re meant to be climbing at this moment?  Find that mountain that has meaning to you, and climb!


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