Mt.Gulugod Baboy


My “barat moment” to a mountain of the south,Mt. Gulugod-Baboy is located in Anilao, Mabini in the province of Batangas. Gulugod-baboy is a Filipino phrase which means “pig’s spine.” The mountain got its name from the contours of the peaks which resembles a pig’s back as seen from Janao Bay.CYMERA_20150118_133056

I really enjoy and love being here, and today ( jan18,2015) is my 4th and im with sister. I usually climb this mountain for conditioning for an upcoming major climb and to take quality pictures with its very picturesque surroundings. Check out the pictures that I took using Samsung tab.

CYMERA_20150118_133132 CYMERA_20150118_125721 CYMERA_20150118_124002 CYMERA_20150118_123830 CYMERA_20150118_123410 20150118_065422 CYMERA_20150118_124659


How to get here?
From Manila, Ride a bus bound to Batangas City Grand Terminal, 
Bus fare:157php
From Grand Terminal,ride a jeepney to Gasang,Mabini,
fare: 45php
From Gasang , they have habal habal,(motor)- Malimatoc1 basketball court.
Fare;50php each 
or trike 30php each.
 From malimatoc 1, you can start walking to laurel, aproximately 1hr walking,but if tamad ka.. so lazy to walk,and dont want to feel the trill,you can rent a trike from gasang for only 250p.
Note: No invironmental fees.
but sometimes locals in the area will ask for 20p each,specially for those who will stay over night for camping. But for me its fine, they keep the mountain clean and safe.

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