Kumba Falls

This place is so nice and so virgin,the water is so clear,only few local know about  this place, Im just lucky to be one,I met one of the trcycle driver in the area.Sun,01/18/15,I decided to have some foot work going to Gulugod Baboy,then I saw Mang Ramon,and he invited us to see Kumba, i am so surprised coz I never thought we have some kind of a falls here,I’ve been  here so many times to visit a sister,and I never hear  that place,even them..they said ,they found the falls 2 yrs back…too much for my story telling…. let me show you what I’m talking about..


This place is located at MalimatocII, Mabini Batangas.Just a simple trekking,and the nature will offer such an amazing place.. but… some people starts to ruin the place,i just wish every one is aware about LNT. LEAVE NO TRACE


anyway…. after cleaning some part of it..we enjoy and explore the area….
CYMERA_20150118_143439 CYMERA_20150118_142527 CYMERA_20150118_141702 CYMERA_20150118_132226 CYMERA_20150118_131748 CYMERA_20150118_131141 CYMERA_20150118_130828 CYMERA_20150118_130745
How to get here?
ask me how;)

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