Borawan Island

the cast
photo taken 11/2014

Borawan Island – Updated 10/14/15

updated Rate as of today 10/14/15

Alright, Borawan, hmmmm, Its almost a year but i never had a chance to post about this place, my first visit was Nov.2014 with friends,second was Feb.15,2015 and I am with my sister ,and the third time was Sept.20 with Coolkids.

Borawan Island is a combination of bora-cay and Pala-wan,- a white sand beach and it has some rock formations, but the sea floor in this area is not as good, the water is not as clear and clean as Puting Buhangin. But during my third visit, I can see lots of changes, the area is much more maintained, and much more expensive,during my first and second visit, the entrance fee was just 80php for day tour ,and 160php for overnight stay, and you also have to pay 20php to use the shower room, and 10php to use the comfort room. But one thing is the same as it was before ” the people ” – the guard is friendly as he is before, and the manang caretaker is Maldita as she is, even worst . Im sorry about that, but I will never forget that line – ” umalis na lng kayo, kung ayaw ninyo,andito and boss namen, baka makita pa kayo”  – – we are in the middle of our negotiation about the their 115php entrance fee for a day , we asked if we can have a discount since we’re just going to stay for an hour to just explore the area and to have some photos for an update article about them. But there she is – I just cant understand why. I understand that you are doing business here, but I’m sure that being rude is not part of it. – okey – kalma! ” ate sana hindi ganyan,nag tatanong pa kame,nagdidisisyon pa,tama ba naman na paalisin ninyo kame?” – sabay alis sa isla.

Here are some pictures taken Last year. 11/2014 –
IMG_440544465830925 CYMERA_20150522_224043 CYMERA_20150522_224029 CYMERA_20150522_224006 CYMERA_20150522_223931 CYMERA_20150522_223913 CYMERA_20150522_223845 CYMERA_20150522_223827 CYMERA_20150522_223757 3 _facebook_1416793670741 IMG_440544465830925 006-palawan-and-boracay


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