Malangaan Cave

CYMERA_20150502_153641Malangaan Cave,San Rafael Bulacan

My very firts solo travel adventure,

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How to get here:

Take a bus to Baliwag from cubao (75php), then from Baliwag,ride a jeepney to Tukod,San Rafael ( 27php),the jeep terminal is located near INC church.From Barangay Tukod ,you can ride a tricycle to Malangaan Cave, I spent 250php round trip for the trike,so its better  if you come in a group to save money –  thats one of the disadvantage of travelling solo – you can also bring your own bike if you have one ,this cave is so easy to find,just ask locals.

Malangaan Cave- this place is amazing,so beautiful,I am lucky to see and experience a place like this for free,yes,No entrance fee,for the guide,it’s up to you,there are kids in the area,waiting to give you a tour. One thing that make me so disappointed about this place is the vandalism in some part of the cave,I just hope that every one who will visit the area ,or any other place on earth,pls be responsible, so the  future generation will enjoy the same thing that we are enjoying right now,any way….You can have your lunch in the spring located outside the cave with no fee,but you can rent a cottage for 24hrs,for only 150php.Mini stores are available around the area.

NOTES: Bring headlamp,and wear helmet,safety first.


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