Burot Beach

photo from google

I was amaze with some of the pics of this place in google,so i decided to go there,sat after shift,April 18-19,2015. I invited some of my friends,and lucky to have Jen with this adventure,she’s my good friend from my previous company.Sat morning-we just prep,pack our  things and get some info in google.We end up leaving manila around 5:30pm, this time with a car, we are 4 in this group,jen,sam (jen’s bf), kia(sam’s friend) and me. So since this is my first time going there,we trusted and used GPS,and yah,it lead us to use the kawit cavite area road,via cavitex..

Screenshot_2015-04-18-18-23-10 Screenshot_2015-04-18-21-31-50 Screenshot_2015-04-19-14-41-41

but pls,dont do this,take slex for faster and more convenient way.TIP: search , search ,seacrh.After a long drive of 5hrs,with lots of wrong turn..we finaly reach the area, my friend Pm Lyco is heading the same destination, so he helped us to have a place/space to pitch our tent. Yes , u really need to look for your space coz during weekend..this place is like a block buster sa dami ng tao.

20150420_141722 20150420_141744

We arrived around 10pm,we just pitch our tent and eat dinner,and then as my usual routine,- socials,meeting new pipz is always part of it, i met new friends, introduce by Lyco,after drinking session and chatting with them,around 2am we decided to sleep so we can wake up early for sunrise.

me and jen









DSCF5491 FB_IMG_1429627992641


Swimming Time!










sea urchin is every where..be carefull


Even the place is crowded, we find ways to enjoy the beach,I had my very first snorkling experience in this beach,and i want more….sea creatures are awesome.But when I walk around, i saw some plastics and garbage in some part, It was disappointing that they don’t know the principle of ” LEAVE NO TRACE”.Even the cr available in the area is so dirty, I just wonder where they are putting the money that they are collecting in every single visitor that they have everyday, i understand that this place is not fully develop yet,but maintaining the simple facility like Cr/shower room is not a big deal.They also have a mini store,where you can buy food and water,but expect a high cost on thier items.

Tent’s for rent ( 300- good for 2-3 px)

Parking is free.

Pitching tent will cost you 30php.

Day trip entrance : 65php

Over Night Stay : 130

Table: 300php


side trip ( sb tagaytay)

How to get here:

From Manila you can ride a bus to calatagan ( 130php) ,Van  (180php) from taff mrt station to calatagan,at the back of  Kabayan Hotel,From Calatagan market,you can hire tricycle for 150php ( special trip). Look for other passenger heading to Burot so can save some money. just leave a comment if you have question.

— Enjoy your summer,and every getaway wherever you are,whoever is with you–have fun!


2 thoughts on “Burot Beach

    i’am sure you can enjoy the beautiful white sand
    the clean water
    you can relax the beautiful place
    Try it Believe it
    just call or text : kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want or tricycle ride to burot
    Php 150 each good for 1 to 3 person 1way trip to burot beach
    contact # 09266452950


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