Kwebang Lampas ( Puting Buhangin Island)

cave        Puting Buhangin Island is located in Barangay Ibabang Polo at the southwestern part of Pagbilao Grande Island in Pagbilao, Quezon. It also called Lukang Beach by some locals named after its owner, Attorney Peter Lukang.This private beach is available to the public on daytrip and overnight  visits and accessible by boat and by land. The cove is also known for its beautiful limestone rock formations that form a cave known as Kwebang Lampas.

Kwebang Lampas is a very nice place, as we arrived  isa lng nasabi ko, ” wow,finally we met”. I’ve been dreaming to be in this place since 2012, and here I am.. I am finally here. Nov.22,2014. Event: ” My City Escape to Quezon- Tara byahe tayo”
The Cast "the lucky 9"
The Cast “the lucky 9”
We really enjoyed our stay here, having a white sand, crystal clear water beach and the cave is so perfect.This place is like a paradise for me, I just found a new place to go for my alone moments. The island is not fully develop , no electricity ,but  with water supply and  you have to pay for it for 50P per bucket.

The island is not crowded during our visit, we went there last Sat of  Nov.22,2014,the Island is clean and peaceful, with crystal clear water ,white sand ,and a cave “ kwebang lampas “ . I really love this place, the cave “Kwebang Lampas”  is a perfect spot for photo shoot ,but  I am so disappointed, as I enter inside the cave, the   “ vandalism”  on the wall is like  a loud hello to my face, I really hate those people who messed  up the area, I wish I  can do something about it. Moving on… We explore the area, and had a lil trekking experience. One more thing that I notice about this place, the star fish around is all color blue, and we named one of them as “ the blue Patrick”  . This place is the best spot for swimming, sabi ko nga “ dagat na parang pool”.
The caretaker ( Kuya Rolly) allowed travelers to pitch a tent along the shore, and to set up a bonfire in some area. Overnight stay entrance fee is 160P per head, day tour is 80P per head, they have small cottages to offer, for 350P , good for 8-10 person, and a “ native comfort room” , that’s the way I describe it. They also have a small “double d’ price” store, and masungit na tindera. So better bring all that you need from the main land.We are lucky because we have everything that we need, from our boat,tent, and food,everything is provided by Tita Tess and by our Manong Bangkero, they are very accommodating and kind.We are 9 in the group ” The lucky 9″, and we spent only php6000 for everything ( boat,food,tent,environmental fees, entrance fees,etc) as a group,not bad for 2days,1 night island adventure.

kwebang lampas Camp site
kwebang lampas Camp site
kwebang lampas banka
45 minutes boat ride to kwebang lampas
kwebang lampas3
Sun Rise

kwebang lampas kwebang lampas view kwebang lampas 5 kwebang lampas 4 kwebang lampas 1

tita tess
meet tita Tess



 Caretaker: Mang Rolly
Contact #: 09182689402
Entrance Fee: Php80 ( day time)
Overnight Fee: Php160 ( As of NOv.2014, overnight camping is allowed already)
Fresh Water: Php50 per container
Cottage Rental: Php350-500
Tent Rental: Php350

How to get there…
From Manila , ride a bus bound to Lucena(bus fare :php214),then from Grand Terminal, you can ride J-liner bus going to Brgy.Marao, bus fare :php35.
By van,60php. All the driver in the grand terminal knows” tita tess” place, where you can rent a boat for your island hoping,for Php1800 good for 8-10pax and 3 islands (kwebang lampas,Borawan, and Dampalitan).From Tita Tess house,going to Kwebang Lampas will take 30-45 minutes boat ride.


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